SEO tips for better website performance

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a very important and at the same time very complicated part of digital marketing. Newcomers who embark on SEO may be confused by changing search algorithms and the need to constantly tune them. Especially for smaller entrepreneurs and companies, we would like to provide a few basic rules, lessons and tricks on how to improve your website and be seen in search.

Simply put, search engines scan the internet every second. They go through all the content and get an idea of ​​the relevance of your site based on internal algorithms. They research what it offers, the technical aspects and further deal with more parameters.

When searching the internet, the search query is compared to these records. If the content of your site is suitable for display, it will appear on the first page of the search results. To understand the individual variables, we divide them into On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

On-page SEO is how search engines identify your site based on content and technical components. In addition to the content and composition of keywords, these are mainly metadata, such as the title of the site or its description, captions of images such as Alt Tag, site structure, visibility of content, pages and links, correct URLs, own internal links between parts of the site, and XML sitemap.

On the other hand, Off-page SEO are the elements that tell about your site if it is at all trustworthy. Whether relevant links from other websites lead to it, or whether you are really what you present yourself with. It, therefore, examines the credibility of the site. The tactic of using links from other websites is a very important part of SEO and although it is time and resource consuming, it is also important for the success of SEO.

What to start within SEO

We should first look at your site through the eyes of the customer, so think about what they are looking for, how they are looking and how they are thinking. The search engine works in the same way. The value and frequency of keywords, ie words that define and parameterize your content, is the default element for you to work with. The content on your site must match what you actually offer and must describe your services as naturally as possible.

Start working with web content. Carefully review each sentence, image, and ask yourself if this is relevant to my customers. Are my customers interested in my products? Am I saying enough? Am I saying this naturally? Isn’t that much? How is the competition? Aren’t we all saying the same thing? If you did not answer yes at least three times, change it!

A few simple SEO tricks

One such trick could be the Google platform My Business. By verifying your site with this platform, you immediately earn plus points. Of course, Google prioritizes its listings and its platforms, including mobile search, so the profile must, of course, be in the best possible condition.

Blog. You can expand and enlarge relevant web content rather than regular blog posts from your business environment. First, you tell search engines that your site is alive and up to date, and most importantly, you naturally increase your keyword inventory. The advantage of a blog is that you can go more into telling stories that you are actually an expert in what you do and what you offer.

Social networks. The social networks you regularly publish on expand your content and reach. The right link between the web and social networks can bring more audiences to your site. In addition, they give you significantly faster feedback on whether your content is relevant and searchable.

Entries in subject registers. Online registers are a great source of traffic. Of course, Google also indexes these indexes, compares listings, and recommends you to people searching in your area. It doesn’t mean being in hundreds of records, but local and industry are the ones you want to focus on.

Recommendations, references and reviews. Every positive 5-star review is priceless. In a time of huge offerings of services and products, customers need a strong point and a little confidence. If anyone on Google or Facebook rates your services with your thumb up, you get points for good, and even that helps SEO a lot because it says – trustworthy. And you want it.

What a conclusion to the basics of SEO?

You’re right, SEO is complicated because it takes time and knowledge. But you don’t have to be afraid of him. There are a few good tricks described above that will help you and at the same time hire good SEO specialists. But keep in mind that to be visible, you simply have to give it more than your competition.

Our SEO services can cover all the above areas. That is, managing social network profiles or content strategies for better visibility of your site and its proper performance. He can contact us for more information!

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