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The need for a quality logo

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      The logo to the brand belongs like the apple to the Apple brand. What are its biggest benefits? Why is it worth investing in a thoughtful and original logo?


       At the beginning of a new business, there are many things to think about: How to call a new brand, what marketing path to take, how much we can afford to invest, etc. We should also realize how important a logo is. It can easily happen that in the heat of preparations and the need to invest in a ton of things, the logo gets among the fringes. At the same time, the logo is the basic building block of the brand. And if you dispose of the foundations, or omit them, the mark will soon fall apart.


       The logo announces to the world that this is your brand. That this is you. On products, business cards, the web … It clearly states what type of product or service you sell and what benefits you pass on to customers. This does not mean that the logo must describe exactly what you are doing. The logo must establish a connection with the brand.


      The logo arouses people’s curiosity. People are attracted by interesting designs and colours. Ordinary things without an idea usually go unnoticed. The logo should therefore be designed to arouse the interest and curiosity of potential customers. In the first phase, it can mean that one says, this is an interesting logo of what the company does. This is the first step in getting people interested. The advantage of the product can be inserted directly into the logo. You can meet this, for example, at cosmetic products in the store, where they force you to throw the product into the basket.


      The logo sets you apart from the competition. Some symbols represent specific industries or products. You must have seen a lot of pizzeria logos with an Italian chef with a long smile in a tall white chef’s hat holding a huge pizza. Lots. A good logo should reflect the mission of the brand, but also define itself against the competition. It should be different, bold, but also fun. It should leave a person feeling that it is worth solving.


     The logo builds trust. Companies change their logos from time to time when they improve the visual identity, or something has changed in the business and it is necessary to reflect it in the logo as well. So it is necessary, but confusing for customers, because they are used to a certain logo, they trust it. Brand loyalty is important because a recognizable logo that maintains a clear shape throughout its life cycle supports building loyalty. The brand is evolving, of course, and change is inevitable, but the core must remain the same.


       You can use the logo anywhere. You can use the logo on the web, business cards, cars, t-shirts, mugs, social networks, and more. It’s a way to promote a brand consistently, whether it’s online, in the community, or in customers’ homes.


       At the same time, the logo must fit into the whole concept of the brand, so it is important to design the logo carefully and think through every aspect. Wondering what your logo should look like? Are you considering redesigning the existing one? Rely on Paradise Ajans and our experts in creating logos and corporate identities.

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